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 The studio... We keep it simple, clean and a blank canvas so each session is fresh, new and inspired by our client. We are in a barn. A cool, pretty, all white barn but a barn nonetheless. Lol!!  We love our studio!! We have poured a lot of love and thought into making it the perfect location to welcome our clients. It allows us room to create, set up multiple bays and backgrounds to move easily from one set to another and to offer our clients the most variety for their session. It’s also where we sit down with you to  show you your awesome images once they are ready to order. The studio is located on 3.5 acres of land. It’s a beautiful property full of all different barns, a pond, a river, old cars, fences, greenery, rustic walls, scenery...and that’s just outside. The inside is full of colored backgrounds, chairs, couches, a pallet wall, and all white spaces. Did I mention we LOVE our location?